Raspberry Chocolate Pie

This week was “special diets week” for my uni’s baking club meeting 🙂 So of course I had to make my favourite vegan chocolate moose. But this time I added a couple of tablespoons of raspberries, and turned it into a pie 😀

But this means that I had to make a vegan raspberry pie crust. Which was alright. But not great. It was a bit dry and crumby. But it also meant that I got to try a new brand of vegan chocolate – which is just as cute as it looks!

So cute! And delicious – I am a massive dark chocolate fan. It was fairly expensive though :/

I couldn’t really get it to come together.

Once I added a little more soymilk it was alright, but it’s definitely a recipe that needs a little more experimentation before I share it with you.

But this pie more than makes up for no recipe today.

What’s your favourite “special diet” recipe?
(and if anybody has a good vegan pie crust recipe – please let me know!)



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