Macaron Success! Or, Salted Popcorn Macarons and Zumbo

Finally, I managed to get them to work for me:

Salted Popcorn Macarons from Zumbo! 🙂 I bought the book this morning, and I absolutely had to try to make some macarons, lets not worry about that physics assignment I have due on Tuesday…

I was meant to make some other savoury food today buuuut… I didn’t. I pretty much spent my entire Sunday in my pyjamas baking. I regret nothing.

Now, I’m not so sure about posting recipes from books on the internet – where I can’t link to it and the original publisher can’t ask me to take it down if they don’t want it there, so I suppose I’ll leave it there today 🙂 Not so keen on Monday tomorrow, but at least I spent my Sunday well 🙂

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7 Responses to Macaron Success! Or, Salted Popcorn Macarons and Zumbo

  1. Instead of posting the recipe, perhaps you could tell us why you think these macarons were better than your previous experiments?

    • Because they worked O.o I’m not sure why though – I followed the recipes exactly each time. These macarons are based on an italian macaron though, which is a bit more work, but made the batter super smooth and shiny, so less bubbles = success 🙂

      • I believe that to become a good cook, it helps to understand why some recipes work and some don’t. I started cooking following recipes exactly, and by now I mostly use recipes as inspiration and do what feels right, unless it really seems the recipe writer knew what (s)he’s doing 😉

      • Yeah – I tend to experiment more with things I’m more confident with, but macarons and I are not friends. I hope that one day I’ll be as confident as you are in the kitchen 🙂 thankyou for the good advice

      • Thanks, you still have plenty of time as I started cooking when you weren’t born yet and I’m not even old. At least I don’t think so 🙂 (I’m 38)

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  3. Heya! Your macarons look so cute!! And you make some nice photos. This macaron recipe works for me – the macarons look super smooth and taste divine 🙂

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